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SDCC trailer rundown

Ok, now I’m getting the blog underway, lets start the movie side of my posts with a rundown of the trailers released at SDCC this year.

As we know the main ones were Doctor Strange, Justice League, Wonder Woman, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, King Arthur, Kong, Blair Witch and I guess what will be the final trailer for Suicide Squad before its imminent release… Oh… and another slightly plastic looking entry, but I’ll get to that.

If you don’t give a flying hoot about my opinion on each and every one of them, or don’t want to wade through the 2000 words of waffle I’ve written about it all, click on the above highlighted titles to jump straight to the trailer and waffle of your choice…

So, first up.

suicide squad

I’m neither one way or the other about this one. The cast is ok, I don’t mind some of the changes, mainly because I have nothing really invested in any of the characters. Except Harley I guess but I’ll get to her. Though Will Smith… really?

The look and feel is fine, nothing spectacular, though it does seem to fit their growing universe. I do love some of the tracks they’re choosing for some of the most recent trailers.

Harley… Margot looks ok, but as I’ve discussed a number of times recently (and I will discuss in greater detail another time), theres a problem with comic characters, especially to movies. The problem is everyone has their own vision of what those characters are, especially at DC it seems and almost every one of those visions, no matter how different, would be correct. Comic characters go through a lot of changes in those pages, month after month, year after year and so people develop their own favourite versions of those characters.

The Harley that this interpretation is based on, just not my cup of tea. Which is odd as I actually drew a version of Harley really close to this. (Including the whole broken shop window bending over for something in side etc.)

But I’ve also been lucky enough to draw black and red Harley and I just like her more. Plus, this over sexualised version of her… I’m not keen on that either. I just don’t see Harley that way (remember what I was saying above?), I see her as sexy of course, but almost accidentally. Her almost childlike, bubbly, unhinged psychotic nature doesn’t allow her to really notice that she’s sexy and therefore play on it, which these trailers would have us believe she does. For me its like a byproduct of who she is, rather than part of what makes up her personality…

Directed by David Ayer, certainly done nothing to make me think that his presence alone will make it worth while… though He has done some OK stuff, and written some pretty good stuff too. So I do understand the choice, unlike some of the others below, which I’ll also get too.

Anyway, the trailers ok, but its not a film I’m excited about. Cinema trip? Probably not… from the trailers I’ve seen, no cinema worthy scale, which I’ll get to in a minute.

Blair witch

Meh… yeah people are saying its great, and I can appreciate the first one for what it was, even though I don’t like it. Problem is the format is now so overworked that this will really have to go some to do anything worth shouting about. It has a lot of competition in that whole found footage neck of the woods, even if its a genre the original defined. Just because the original was original at the time, doesn’t mean this will automatically bring something new… or even interesting.

I hope it does, but I won’t hold my breath… as this trailer doesn’t give me any reason to believe it will.


Theres always a but right… it is directed by Adam Wingard… of You’re Next, VHS 1 and 2 fame… all pretty good horrors, VHS being pretty good found footage horrors no less… both of them.

Still, definitely not a cinema trip

kong - skull island

Given the relative disappointment of Godzilla, though I was one of those that didn’t mind it so much, not  mind blowing, but not as bad as some thought, this is another I’m on the fence about. Yeah it has some nice scenes and visuals, but then what trailers don’t nowadays?

Kong looks huge, which is nice. The semi realistic look to some of the shots is also nice… thought I have to say, the legs up shot as the helicopters approach (1.30) makes it look like a bad bigfoot costume…

Directed by Jordon Vogt-Roberts… who has done nothing that helps me understand why he’s directing Kong… and studios wonder why these films are less than great. Now maybe he’ll do an amazing job, but, he’s not done anything, at all, that makes me think “ahhhhh… I can see why they picked him for this” its not to say he had to have made some special effects extravaganza, or documentaries on gorillas, or anything like that… Its just seems now day they’re throwing any old director at any old project and hope it sticks.

So again, we’ll see.

Though, all thats said, this is likely one I will see at the cinema for the sense of scale. Something I mentioned above and something else I’ve discussed recently, which I’ll cover in more detail another time. In short, cinema is worth seeing, even if the film is dire, when theres something in the film that warrants the size of that screen. Effects are so good now, that all blockbuster type movies, if they have scale, have something worth seeing on the big screen. For me at least as a visual person… for others, not so much so.

This has one rather large gorilla who’ll likely be fighting helicopters over large lush landscapes… that will be worth seeing on the big screen, much like Godzilla was, whether the film is good or not.

king arthur - legend of the sword

This one I’d not even heard about prior to today, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. For the most part I like Guy Ritchie. I like his London gangsta work, I like the Sherlock films, I quite liked parts of Man from U.N.C.L.E. The film wasn’t what I expected, but I still liked parts of what it was.

This looks like heaps of fun… personally I would say he is having a far greater success of turning his hand to other genres than mister Tarantino… Really not been a fan of that mans last few films.

Will this be any good? Who knows, but I do like the trailer… a surprising amount. I think his sometimes unique approach to film making might work well in a low fantasy movie…

I’ll hold out for a few more trailers before deciding if its cinema worthy or not

fantastic beasts and where to find them

Another odd one, that I don’t have much of a comment on. I love both the Harry Potter books and movies… but I am finding it very hard to feel excited about this. Directed by David Yates, doesn’t take a genius to figure out why he was picked for this, and while he didn’t direct my favourite potter movies (Goblet and Prisoner), he still did a good job on the ones he did direct.

The trailer is nice, certainly feels like the Potterverse they’ve created. I like the era for sure, but nothing in it leaps out and shakes me by the collar screaming “YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO SEE ME ON THE BIG SCREEN!!!” Maybe that final scene? Meh…

Okay… on to the films everyones excited about.

Justice league

This one’s an odd one. When I first watched it I just thought… meh… Dawn of Justice was so monumentally bad and disappointing, I’d given up hope on anything DC really being that good, so far as their cinema outings at least… Surprisingly… the more I’ve watched it, the more I’ve taken to it.

Straight away, first viewing, the biggest surprise was how much I liked the Flash. That I didn’t expect. The rest of them still haven’t grown on me mind you, any of them, but the feel of the trailer has. A little humour and a decent track or two thrown in, go a long way it seems. I do like the feel these DC trailers have, especially with their soundtracks. I hope that carries through to the actual films. Much like Marvel already have, they’re starting to feel like they’re developing a style that, importantly, sits separate from what Marvel are doing.

Now I know, DoJ, total crap, so I am reluctant to give them the benefit of the doubt… but maybe… just maybe. I like Mister Snyder when he works well, I like Watchmen, I actually like Superman… 300… Dawn of the Dead, I even like Sucker Punch on a purely visual level. I have no idea what happened with Dawn of Justice but it was so bad on every level, my concern is he just doesn’t get four colour super heroes. Which might be somewhat of a problem as this needs to be about as super hero as it gets… sadly… again… this trailer feels too dark. Though thankfully it does have some much needed humour.

Either way, its not a cinema trip, from what I can see theres none of that scale I’ve discussed. Plus, burnt before, so no dice. I’ll be waiting for DVD… although, I have no doubt we’ll be seeing many more trailers before the film is released, so who knows, I may change my mind.

wonder woman

Ok, so again, I really have nothing invested in this character. I’ve been fortunate enough to draw her a few times (badly in my opinion, but hey, my style just doesn’t suit the way I see her… I’m much better suited to Harley for example) but outside of that, I’m not a huge fan of the character. Nothing against her, just not a fan.

DoJ did her no favours, this looks like it might repair that. Now personally, I’m not sure Miss Gadot is a great choice, nothing against her, but I do imagine Wonder Woman to be far more… robust. Think MMA fighter. I also imagine her looks to be more chiseled. Something a little more commanding.

Yes Gail is attractive, but she lacks the presence I would imagine Wonder Woman to have. Something else I have discussed before is the larger than life feel, I think DC characters especially, should have. They should feel like gods amongst men, Wonder Woman here, she just doesn’t.

But I like the costume, the fighting looks good… and I really really like the lasso stuff, is probably my favourite part of the trailer.

Directed by Patty Jenkins… Monster was bloody great, a directorial tour deforce? I can’t really remember if I’m honest, but I did enjoy it a lot. Again, nothing against her, but much like mister Vogt-Roberts above, I see nothing in her list of directorial credits that leads me to understand why she was chosen. Like I say, I don’t expect her to have directed super hero movies, or amazon warrior movies, or even action movies… but I don’t really see how they came to that conclusion.

I know I know, its not that simple as to how directors are chosen and just because someone hasn’t, doesn’t mean they can’t. But personally, given how lukewarm people have been to cinema In recent years, I’d be looking for better bet directors.


Cinema visit… probably not. No scale, so unless, like Justice League, the subsequent bazillion trailers that will come, have anything more interesting, I won’t be going to the cinema for it.


doctor strange

Before I even start… this I will go to see at the cinema.

I’m not the rabid fan of Doctor Strange in the way many seem to be, though I do like the character… its a Defenders thing.

The trailer looks ok, its a Marvel trailer, it looks like a Marvel film, and generally speaking, they’ve all gone pretty well. I like his powers, his costume, not a huge Cumberbatch fan, but neither do I hate him and I think he was the best choice of all the suggestions I heard.

Directed by Scott Derrickson and given what I’ve just been saying about directors, I actually can see why they’ve chosen him… kind of. He’s done some pretty good horror, not great, but pretty good, creepy at least. Given the nature of this film, I’d say his passed experience makes him a good fit, both as writer and director. Plus, he will be lorded over by the MCU powers that be, which also seems to be a good thing given their success to date and how well their films fit together etc. Something I am hoping is going to happen with the DC films… like I said, their trailers are starting to build a feel at least.

Anyway, back to the film at hand.

This is a definite cinema visit given my above outlined criteria… those New York folding scenes alone are enough to get me in a seat. Yeah yeah yeah… I know… Inception. I don’t care about that, it looks cool and its fitting for the character. Lets not forget, Inception is a Scrooge McDuck film made gritty anyway…

And finally finally…

In the form of end credits…

Always remember…

Life doesn’t give you seat belts…

Bruce Wayne lives in Batmans attic

Now I’m free, now I’m groovin, come on Batman lets get moving.

lego batman

I bet you thought I’d forgotten… Its like an after credits thing.

I don’t need to say anything more than… Pantsless Reggae Man… That is without doubt the best thing that ever happened to the DC universe. I will never, and I mean never, be able to look at one of my favourite characters of all time the same way again 😀

Of course this is a cinema visit, likely multiple cinema visits. I could go on, but my words would not do it justice…

So, there we have it… the trailers of SDCC… and my waffling thoughts on them all… and if you read all that… its a miracle.

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