Welcome to NEILGOOGE.COM If this is your first time here, a brief overview of of what you’ll find


  • This HOME page will have the most recent news posts, portfolio imagery and project updates. (Until finished its contains testing place holders)
  • The UPDATES section covers news posts on my current work and projects, as well as any type of blog I might have.
  • The PORTFOLIO, is broken down in to COLOUR, BLACK AND WHITE, COMMISSIONS and my INSTAGRAM FEED. Each section can then be navigated from their menus to jump to specific sections.
  • The PROJECTS page is where I cover my personal work. This will include things like Bazooka Jules, Welcome to the Hood, S.W.A.M.P Rats and the RPG and Gaming products I am developing. Each of the project overviews will link out to their own news, pages or mini sites.
  • Under the INFO tab you’ll find all information about me, commissions and ways to contact or support me.


As the site grows I will add more sections. Notably, the RPG products I create will have their own section, as well as expanding the UPDATES in to a more rounded blog.


So, until then true believers…

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