The website is back up and running, finally. Fingers crossed it will remain that way this time. As you’ll see from the menu options, the sites been simplified a lot from before.


  • This HOME page will have the most recent news posts, portfolio imagery and project updates. (Until finished its contains testing place holders)
  • The NEWS section covers news posts on my current work as well as any type of blog I might have.
  • I have a landing page for the PORTFOLIO, with each banner leading to a single page for colour work, black and white, commissions and sketches. The individual projects within those categories is then accessible by scrolling down the page or jumping to the required project from the menu.
  • I will have a similar single page approach for the PROJECTS page, where I cover my personal work. This will include things like Bazooka Jules, Welcome to the Hood, S.W.A.M.P Rats and the RPG and Gaming products I am developing. Each of the project over views will link out to their own news, pages or mini sites.
  • Finally, all information about me, commissions and ways to contact or support me, will be under the INFO tab.


As the site grows I will add more sections. This will likely be to expand the news in to a more rounded blog with separate tags and categories for things like my the reviews and rants that used to fill my Facebook page.

I will also add information and updates for the coming youtube channel, plus details on a possible Patreon page as well as a potential Bazooka Jules Kickstarter.


Anyway, we should see the site grow rapidly in the coming weeks.


Until then true believers.

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